Remembered With Honour

What I do

Primarily I research service personnel from the Great War, providing insight for family members into the momentous events their relatives were involved in.

I also undertake larger research projects for local communities, interest groups and local government bodies.

When not engaged in this work, I write articles on Great War areas of interest, deliver talks on Great War subjects and, if I have any free time, carry out my own research for projects which fascinate me!

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Who I am

I have long had an interest in all aspects of the Great War and have been fortunate to be able to turn my interest into a business. 

I have researched hundreds of service personnel for customers from all over the world and pride myself on providing a thorough, professional service with the aim of providing maximum information to the customer, explaining their relative’s service.

My Books

I am the author of two books in the Great War to date, and am currently carrying out research for a third – watch this site for details!

I am a Trustee of the Inniskillings Museum, a Director of the Military Heritage of Ireland Trust, a member of the Western Front Association and an associate member of History Hub Ulster – memberships which keep me engaged with current issues and developments in Great War research.

How it works


I need some basic information to get started – Full name, date of birth (if known), place of birth (if known), Regiment or unit, Service number (if known) parents or sibling’s names – the more information you have, the better!


I carry out research on a wide range of civilian and military databases to glean as much information as I can. If there is a photograph in existence, I will get a copy.


From these, I construct a narrative of the serviceman’s life from birth, through the entirety of their military service, explaining the momentous events they may have been involved in.


A package suitable for inclusion in the family archive is constructed, comprising the narrative and copies of all relevant civilian and military documentation and posted to you.

The money bit


The good news! – I take payment only when you receive the package


For a standard package I charge a fee of £60 to include postage and packing


Payment can be made by online banking, by Paypal or by cheque – whatever suits best

Customer comments

Thank you again for all your help in relation to my Great Grandfather, I truly appreciate it.

Padraig, Feb 2020

I have just finished A Long Week in March which I got for Christmas - an excellent read!

Christine, Jan 2020

The package arrived and it looks great, very interesting and evidently you’ve put a lot of work into it. I really appreciate your efforts and I’m sure there are things in there that Dad doesn’t know. Thanks again.

James, Dec 2019


I look forward to hearing from you!