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What We Do

With years of experience in carrying out research, we know where to go to find the answers!

On receipt of your enquiry form, we will undertake an exhaustive search through available archives for relevant details of your serviceman, including the following:

  • Pre-war Census
  • Service Records and or pension records
  • Medal Records, including Gallantry awards, Campaign Medals and Long Service Awards
  • Silver War Badge – for those discharged from the army during the war
  • Burial or Commemoration records
  • Soldier’s Wills
  • De Ruvigny’s Roll of Honour
  • Soldiers Died in the Great War details
  • Unit War Diary
  • Relevant Press Coverage

From the above we will construct the serviceman’s wartime history. This history will be given context by references to publications documenting the situations in which the serviceman was involved. An explanation of all the documents will be included to ensure the client has a clear understanding of the serviceman’s wartime experience.

The completed report including copies of relevant documents will be forwarded to you by post.

It’s only fair to say at this point that not every case will include all the documents listed above. For example, only around 30% of First World War Service Records remain in existence, after the building in which they were stored was badly damaged during the blitz of London in 1940. However, in the vast majority of cases some records will be available. If they served in the Great War, we should be able to find something!


First, the good news!

To initiate an enquiry there is no payment required. When research is completed, I will contact you by email to arrange delivery.

At this time payment will be made.

There will be a fee of £50 payable. Where there is a wealth of documentation involving extra work an extra charge will be payable – we will document the reason for this. The total fee will never exceed £100.

Payment can be made by debit or credit card online, or paypal through the website, or by direct payment via internet banking. We will let you know the details if this applies.

Fees include delivery charges.

Still Interested? Click here and fill out the enquiry form.

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  • John, Melbourne, Australia

    I received your pack in the post today. Upon first glance I am absolutely blown away by the information you have assembled. Absolutely outstanding research! more

  • Claire, Cheshire

    I am absolutely over the moon and my dad was also overjoyed. Thank you once again. A VERY happy customer! more

  • Alan, Belfast

    Thank you very much for the very informative package which arrived this morning, am delighted with it. more

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